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The average garage door goes up and down several times a day, thousands of times per year. What’s more, they weigh hundreds of pounds, yet go up with the push of a button. What makes it so easy? The torsion spring. Yet when this spring breaks down, it’s important to realize this is no DIY job. Garage door spring repair should only be done by a professional. While torsion spring replacement on a garage door is generally safer than fixing an extension spring, it’s still a job best left to an experienced technician. The springs on a garage door are extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury and even death.

There are 2 types of garage door springs — torsion and extension. In a nutshell, extension springs fully expand or contract as the door opens or closes. Torsion springs turn. But beyond functioning, the real difference is in the quality and how long they last. Torsion springs are more expensive but will last considerably longer 15,000 to 20,000. Extension springs usually only last 5,000.

The only reason you’d ever want to use extension springs over torsion is if you aren’t planning on living in the house very long and don’t want the extra expense. Torsion springs may be more expensive on the outset, but because they last longer they are a more economical option overtime.

DIY Spring & Cable Inspection

Though we strongly caution against working on your own springs, you should give the springs a visual inspection from time to time. Never touch the springs themselves. Instead, look to see what kind of condition they are in. Are they rusted, fraying, or damaged in any way?

Likewise, you can also visually inspect the cables. Look for any frayed ends, rust, or brittleness.

If you do notice any “wear and tear” that concerns you, give us a call. We’d be happy to come out and do a professional inspection. It’s always best to catch a spring issue before it’s a real problem. These springs can be extremely dangerous if they snap. Plus, if you catch worn out springs before they break, it’s not an emergency you have to deal with before you go to work. You can get it done on your time. It’s not only less stressful, but also a lot less expensive.

DIY Garage Door Maintenance

One of the best ways to avoid costly garage door repair is to regularly keep up on the maintenance yourself. A couple of times a year, you should take a wrench and tighten up the hardware. This stuff tends to rattle loose as we raise and lower our garage doors. Give the rollers an inspection. Look for worn, chipped or cracked rollers. These will have to be replaced. You can easily replace rollers by removing and reinstalling any worn roller brackets.


The Importance of Annual Inspection

It’s a good idea to have a professional inspect your garage door for any repair needs on an annual basis. This way, he or she can identify maintenance issues before they become real problems. They can make sure all the rollers and brackets are in good condition, that the door is well-balanced, that all critical parts are well oiled. They can check your springs and cables and see if those need repair.

Garage door emergencies do happen, but most can be spotted before they become real problems. That way you can address them on your own time — not first thing on a weekday morning when you’re trying to get to work! Give us a call. We’d be happy to come out and take a look.


Do you need springs with a garage door opener?


Springs and openers are two separate components of a garage door system. However, they work together and ensure that your garage door opens and closes properly.


In fact, to function without any problems, your garage door needs a system that will maintain balance and offset the weight of garage doors. This is achieved by installing adequate garage door springs. 


Types of garage door springs


Garage door springs come in two main forms: 


  • Torsion springs – This type of spring system is most commonly used. It’s installed right above the door opening in a horizontal manner. These springs are actually tightly wound coils that create the power to lift a garage door by turning. 
  • Extension springs – These springs are attached to the corners of garage doors. They extend when a door is closed, using stored energy to lift the door. Extension springs can fully extend, unlike torsion springs that turn. 

These springs are essential for opening and closing your garage smoothly, especially if you have two. This means that you shouldn’t use your garage door opener without any springs since residential openers don’t typically have much horsepower. So, your opener doesn’t actually do much lifting – garage door springs are used to lift the weight and provide balance. 


How often do garage door springs break?


Garage door springs are typically highly durable, especially if they are installed properly and of high quality. So, you can expect your springs not to break often.


However, there are still a few things to keep in mind:


There’s a difference between torsion and extension springs, with the first one lasting up to 20,000 cycles and the latter lasting around 10,000 cycles. So, once they go through their expected cycles, they are more likely to exhibit some issues. 


More specifically, if you open your garage door twice a day, you can expect the springs to last up to 14 years while the life expectancy of up to seven years is more likely if you open your garage door four times a day. Finally, if you open it six times a day, the springs are likely to last up to five years. 


Dependable garage door spring repair service Cleveland depends on, Should you ever experience any trouble with your garage door or its components, contact Garage Door Spring Repair Cleveland – the leading experts in garage door spring repair, replacement, maintenance, and more!


We have the skills and knowledge needed to ensure your garage door springs are properly installed. What’s more, our team is highly trained, fully licensed, and more than qualified to handle any garage door matters, from garage door opener safety issues to timely spring replacement.


In fact, we strive to bring our clients a range of different perks that can give them unique customer experience.


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