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The Garage door is the hardest to maintain and repair in case of any sudden problem like a broken spring. The springs are mounted on the upper side of the door to help in opening and lifting the garage door. The damaged or broken springs may cause the worst damage to your things and lives coming in the way of a broken garage door. So, the maintenance and repair of garage door springs are very important. Here are some important knowledge about springs and their repair tips presented below for your convenience.

Types of Springs

There are two types of design of springs that corresponds to its usage. One is torsion type and the other is an extension type. The former is used for heavy-duty usage and size of the garage door. It is attached to the top of the door and mounted on it in the horizontal direction to provide support while opening the door as it curls down while the door is open and it is stretched while the door is closed. The spring experiences full tension while the door is closed. The latter is light weighted and used for smaller less heavy doors to provide assistance in door operation. It also expands and tension increases in it while the door is closed. It is attached perpendicular to the door and safety cables and pulleys are also attached circulating through these springs to allow safety margin even if the springs are broken.

Signs of a Failing Spring

The springs reduce the weight of the lifted doors when they are in new condition and this weight experienced by the door opener keeps increasing as the springs wear down and finally fail to support the door operation and are replaced. As the weight increases on the opener, it starts producing sounds as a result of strain on the sliding bars and rails. The failure of door openers and springs may cause a hazardous situation by suddenly shutting down the garage door under its weight. It may cause serious injuries to humans and damage to the things in the vicinity. You should notice any rusted part and the force level which is needed to lift the door as compared to the power needed for a door with a new set of springs. If you feel any kind of a threatening change in the door operating springs, do not wait and call a professional to immediately fix the door by providing his expert garage door repair service. An in-time action may save you from the worst expected damage in an unexpected or unnoticed approaching accidental situation.

Warning Alert

After you find the hints of a damaged or broken garage door springs there are some security warnings and alerts for all the members of the house to avoid any accidents. Do not detach the door connection from the door opener currently holding the door as it may cause sudden falling off of a door due to broken springs. Do not use the emergency button to close the door if it is in opened condition. It is a better idea to keep the door closed while waiting for the repair of the garage door to be executed. Because if the door is open for a long time, any member of the house may try pulling the door to close it after he/she finds an unresponsive door opener. If you cannot keep the door closed for a long time, use supports on both sides of the door to prevent it from collapsing.

How to Repair

It is said about door springs that the only maintenance possible is to replace it with the new pair of springs, as there is a greater risk to keep using the same suspected springs. If you find that one spring is going to be replaced as it is broken or damaged, go for changing both the springs at once even if it is going to work for a month or more. These doors are designed on the number of usages. The guarantee claims of these springs usually state that it is for a certain limit of usage times like 10,000 or 20,000 uses. It may sound a high number to you but this is not the case if you compare it with the number of times it is operated in a day coming around 5 to 6 times a day. Replacing both springs at the same time will save you installation charges and a bit higher charges for the single spring installation than installing two, which may be expected to replace the other spring as it may have to do in less than 3 months.

Always consider hiring a garage door repair service provider for replacing the spring as you may not be aware of expected harms during this task. You may find the best services at the garage door spring repair powell. These guidelines by no means guarantee that you can do this task by yourself.

Since garage doors work with a spring mechanism, repeated use will lead to wear and tear and call for garage door spring repair. When it comes time to tackle this project, consider the following options.

1. Consult a Professional

If your door has torsion springs you will need the help of a professional garage door installation contractor to replace them. Some brands have introduced torsion springs that use an electric drill to create the necessary tension and are more DIY friendly. However, removing the existing torsion springs is still dangerous.

2. DIY Options

A garage door with extension (or non-torsion) springs is a possibility for the skilled DIY enthusiast. The biggest thing is to make sure you completely read through the instructions. The door will need to be fully open and locked in that position for the spring to be replaced. Get some help with this task.

3. Safety Precautions

When replacing extension springs, the best idea is to use a substantial safety cable (usually 3/16-inch thick) threaded through the spring and tied off securely. This will stop any dangerous parts from flying around the garage should the spring break unexpectedly.


Garage door spring repair is a difficult DIY job at best and more often than not requires a professional.

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